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Artworks from the collections have been created and exhibited within separate intellectual projects. Each project carried a specific concept that the artist navigated and presented from his own perspective and philosophy.

All collections were exhibited in different locations of the world such as the Middle East, Asia and Europe, and the majority of works in these collections were acquired by private collectors or conglomerates.

Read-Out-ink on linen.jpg


2015 - 2017

Moving spiral of black symbols. Painted in an engineered pattern that represents both conformity, and randomness. The movement of the vortex that develops life force, and it is within the vortex that structures and power-systems are established. Nasr continues that such systems may represent nature or humans of power. Though we each live in the vortex of structure and systems, each of us also moves independently. Life is power. Life is an individual power.

Plus negative one


2008 - 2010

Space is not just physicality but the words and expressions that emanate from the self into its surroundings. Space takes its importance and identity from us humans, as we move and morph in our sounds, smells, weights, temperatures, and rhythms. This collection examines the ways that words and expressions fill the hollowness around, between, and in us.

Ink bazar

South Passage

2006 - 2007

In the collection ‘South Passage’ the artist invokes the representational powers of art. Here, the artists’ expression represents a much overlooked point of contact between the corpus and the cosmic, the object and the environment, the being and the belonging.


DAMs Overwhelming

1998 - 2000

The collection Damascus Overwhelming is an homage to the artist’s homeland, a series of nine paintings that capture the people, architecture, sounds, smells, and vibrancy of that ancient metropolis. The collection was never exhibited in its entirety in a single venue, but individual pieces were shown at the Latakia Biennale in 1997, Artuel Beirut and the Al Shaab Gallery in 1999, and the Syrian Annual Art Exhibition at the National Museum just prior to the artist’s move to Dubai in early 2000.

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